Grade Thickness Contour with All Holes

Figure below is a grade thickness contour using all holes in the core area we've been drilling. As we described in our March 1st, 2017 news release, pre-2017 drill results have a tendency to under represent the gold grade due to sampling procedures at the time. This figure shows the areas where the contoured area is open for expansion with additional drilling, which is what we are currently working on.

Figure below is a map showing our exploration targets in order of priority. The purple rectangle encompassing areas A&B corresponds to the area shown in the map above.

Artists Representation of Witwatersrand Reefs During Deposition

This diagram is from a really interesting book about the history of the Witwatersrand goldfields in South Africa (ISBN 0 620 09663 2). It helped me to visualize what occurred at Pardo as well. Gold is concentrated along the banks of those channels, one can imagine the distribution of gold is complex as the position of channels changes over time. Finding and following "pay streaks" is how the South African miners developed the Wits.