Survey Response #1

We received a number of responses to our survey (Thank-you). I'm going to tackle them over a few days. Here is the first thing someone wrote in:

“I was quite pleased with the results and look forward to hearing some guidance on what will happen next...”

What happens next:

1. Within a week, we will be making the 3D Leapfrog model of Pardo available on the website. Anyone who downloads the Free Viewer will be able to look at it. Pro-users will be able to do much more…

2. We will be submitting a permit application to conduct a 100x larger bulk sample / trial mining. The environmental baseline work for this permit was started last summer, and we are able to submit it the government soon.

3. We will be working harder on investor outreach and promotion.

4. We will be publishing an updated 43-101 technical report on Pardo in H1 2018. He hope to include information on conceptual target size, and current resource tonnage.

5. We will be investigating ways to implement ore sorting in the near future, which we think is a potential game changer for the project.

“I am extremely disappointed as a long term shareholder learning of the constant selling of shares on the open market from one of our large investors Endurance Gold Corp...”

We get a surprising number of calls and emails to complain about Endurance. Don't call us, call them!